House Washing



Bad Curb Appeal, Building Material Failure, and Health Hazard!

All of the above is what will happen if your house is left for years without a proper cleaning. Due to the florida heat and moisture we can not escape the fact that mold is everywhere and unless maintained, it will keep coming back year after year to take over your home. 

Soft Washing is the only way around this problem, NOT HIGH PRESSURE

Building materials for a house are very costly, when a company uses high pressure to clean mold from any exterior surface they run the high risk of damaging the surface and causing water leaks inside your home. Not to mention all they are doing is blowing the mold off the house and into the yard which does NOT kill it, causing it to come back within a matter of months.

By using our low pressure system to soft wash it with our 100% biodegradable chemicals, your house and exterior will stay clean and mold free for several years to come without causing any damage to your home. After soft washing it we use low pressure again to rinse the dead mold off the surface and make your house look new again.



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